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New E-Learning Now Available - Introducing the New Vitodens 100-W

Welcome to the NEW Vitodens 100-W E-Learning training session.


This is a presentation on the new Vitodens 100-W boiler as delivered in a series of 8 videos, taken from a recording of one of Viessmann UK Training Academy’s live sessions.


The session covers the following 

  • Key points of difference of the NEW Vitodens 100-W
  • The NEW simple guided commissioning process.
  • Commissioning with app or boiler controls
  • Future-proof solution with 20% Hydrogen blend capability
  • 3rd party controls not required when using ViCare Thermostat


To take part in the E-Learning module please follow the link:

New Vitodens 100-W E-Learning module


This course is updating regularly and for the very latest version please join us on one of our Online Semianars.

Introducing the NEW Vitodens 100-W


Further queries please contact academy-uk@viessmann.com 01952 675032


Many thanks